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Doc Gooden Pitches Aquilegy For Memory and Mood

Via – The Village Sun

New York baseball legend Dwight Gooden has been busy this year. His No. 16 will be retired by the Mets on April 14 and with that have come promotional events, speaking engagements and more. Gooden has been flexing his entrepreneurial spirit, as well.

“I’m busy this year, yes, but I was busy last year, too,” Gooden said. “I’m always busy. So, with that, teaming up with Aquilegy made a lot of sense for me.”Dwight Gooden 3x World Series Champion, Cy Young Award Winner

Aquilegy is a new dietary supplement to support memory and mood. Formulated by two registered nurses from Glen Cove, Long Island, Aquilegy is designed to provide nutrition that has been shown in science to significantly support a strong memory and positive mood.

Its unique and unprecedented blend includes lithium orotate, active B vitamins, including folate, coffee fruit extract and more.

“It has helped me tremendously in my own life with keeping pace while staying in my top form and staying positive, because that’s so important,” Gooden said. “When I felt the difference for myself, I knew I wanted to be a part of this.”

In describing Aquilegy, the first thing co-founder Patrick Quinn stressed is not to call it a nootropic, or “smart drug.”

“Generally speaking, ‘nootropic’ is actually a new word,” he explained. “It’s a marketing term companies use because it’s trendy and sounds nice but it holds no scientific relevance. With Aquilegy we’re leaving out the ‘hot air’ and sticking with bona-fide science because other brands haven’t been doing it. We’ve taken the scientific studies that show nutritional benefits for memory and mood and we’ve encapsulated that nutrition to create a safe daily formula that people can actually trust.”

Regarding their partnership with the famed former Mets ace, Patrick’s wife and fellow co-founder Julia said, “It’s always wonderful to have doctors or specialists, pharmacists and others support our formula. Having a legend like Dwight Gooden get on board is a different kind of special. He has been great.”

“It has been helpful having Dwight on our team,” Patrick added. “We’re a small company and it’s important for us that Aquilegy stays affordable for people. Because of this, we don’t spend a lot on marketing, so we rely heavily on word of mouth. Dwight has been awesome getting the word out for us. He is a great sports legend and an even greater human being. We wouldn’t want to be working with anyone else.”

And what is St. Augustine’s Fountain, the name of the company founded by Julia and Patrick Quinn?

“It’s the company name we operate under,” Julia said. “It’s a reference to the legend of Ponce de León’s search for the Fountain of Youth. And as Aquilegy grows, we hope St. Augustine’s Fountain could grow as a platform of sorts to educate people on many important nutritional benefits that go overlooked.”

Aquilegy costs $32.99 for a one-month supply of 60 capsules. It’s available at and on Amazon. It’s also available in two pharmacies in Florida (Orlando and Wildwood), 10 pharmacies across Long Island and Thriftway Pharmacy in Manhattan (646 10th Ave., at W. 46th Street).