About Us

We tend to see things differently from other brands.

We are Julia and Patrick; wife and husband, parents, and registered nurses who met working in the hospital.

We made Aquilegy when we found other brain supplements were choosing ingredients based on evidence found in animal and petri-dish studies. With our healthcare background, we challenged ourselves to create a dietary brain formula that even doctors and pharmacists could get on board with. It had to be safe for long-term use and made to actually work.

How did we do that? We avoided psuedo-science and focused on ingredients that have well-established associations with improved mood and/or memory. Importantly, we also focused on research findings from human studies.

Aquilegy is made to serve you with a daily formula of nutrients that experts agree are pivotal for brain and mood health. Decades of promising brain studies outline the important associations between mood, memory and diet. Aquilegy was made to apply this research because frankly, we knew we could do it better than other brands.

Aquilegy has no "proprietary blends" because lacking transparency doesn't make a brain formula better.

Where applicable, active form ingredients are used because that's what research suggests does work better. Everything down to serving size was considered in accordance with the research (it's what we do).

Your mind will always be your greatest asset and Aquilegy encapsulates a better formula to support that asset.

Thanks for stopping by and let's keep looking at the brain a little bit differently.

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