Why Aquilegy?

Aquilegy is the dietary brain formula that was actually designed to work.

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Aquilegy is the first-of-its-kind daily formula made for adults of all ages to ensure your brain gets the nutrition it needs to feel and perform its best.

Aquilegy was made because other brain supplements were selecting ingredients based on research from petri-dish and animal studies.

Aquilegy proudly looks at the brain differently.

Aquilegy was designed to safely boost mood, memory and to support brain longevity with important nutrition that research suggests could improve neural plasticity.

Neural plasticity is the ability of cellular networks in the brain to make adaptive changes in response to external factors. Without neural plasticity our ability to learn and develop memories would be severely compromised.

Neural plasticity declines as we develop past childhood. Impaired neural plasticity is known to negatively affect mood and cognitive ability. Stress, aging, substance use, sedentary lifestyle, poor sleep and nutritional deficiencies may all compromise neural plasticity.

Aquilegy was made to complement your diet with nutrition experts tell us could safely support brain and mood health through supporting neural plasticity.

With our formula there are no "proprietary blends" because transparency is important to us. We are also proud to be non-GMO, decaffeinated and gluten-free with no artificial colors or preservatives. We are a small company and we like it this way. This allows us to keep our costs low while providing you a better formula with better ingredients at a better price.

At St. Augustine's Fountain, we also think a dietary formula should work. Efficacy absolutely matters which is why we choose active-form ingredients only. This ensures peak nutrient absorption for you.

If you're dealing with brain fog or fatigue, are looking to improve your mood and outlook or you want to promote a healthier, longer-lasting and better-performing brain, Aquilegy is for you.

A Winning Formula

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